Client A requested Strauss Recovery Solutions to service them with the dispatching of various letters, including Section 127 and Section 129, amongst others. We have consistently ensured that the letters are dispatched within the required parameters. For example, the S129 LOD’s are dispatched within 10 business days to ensure validity in the court of law. The client was so impressed with the fact that the letter process is automated and, most importantly, the letters are accessible online through our web-based Strauss online site.

The client is able to save the letters in PDF format, print the letters, and have the letters available forever on the site.

Besides the letters, all other important documents such as proof of postage and track and trace updates from the post office are also made available on the site.

The client appreciated the innovation, ease of access, and excellent service and decided to give Strauss Recovery Solutions more mandate to dispatch letters on other panels as well. Client B, who is one of the major banks in South Africa, requested Strauss Recovery Solutions to service them with a Debt Review Termination Notice strategy to the customer and the debtor council.

Strauss Recovery Solutions has consistently delivered on the clients' KPI’s and for the past four consecutive years, Strauss Recovery Solutions has received a certificate of recognition for service excellence.

As a result of the excellent service on the debt review panel, the client has recently requested us to dispatch section 127 for them.

The client has very strict timelines and other KPI’s on this s127 project. However, Strauss Recovery Solutions, through our innovation and high standards that we have set for ourselves, continues to render service excellence on this project, and the client is very pleased with Strauss Recovery Solutions.